About Us

Fuego Farms is a Massachusetts owned craft cannabis cultivator and manufacturer opening in Middleboro, Massachusetts and is eagerly awaiting to start operations in 2021.

Shane Hyde


George Freidlander

Head of Cultivation

Desmond Hyde

Head of Client Service

Our Mission

The legalization of recreational cannabis created a huge opportunity for everyone in the cannabis market, from consumers to farmers. Everyone can benefit from a unified front of companies and the Cannabis Control Commission working together to create a thriving and inclusive industry. The CCC has taken huge strides starting the Social Equity and Economic Empowerment programs helping create our goal of a transparent and safe cannabis market. This will allow us to give the best product we can to the consumer. As social equity program participants, we want to be a driving force in bringing the healthiest and most competitive products to market in Massachusetts!

Let’s build a brighter cannabis future together.

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