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“Truly organic”

Fuego Farms is a Massachusetts cannabis company pushing to increase the status quo in the recreational market delivering a high quality, “truly organic” product using our No-Till regenerative agriculture and solvent-less extraction methods.

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Fuego Farms offers a wide array of potent and unique strains that are all grown organically and in house. Treat yourself by exploring our menu and find the strain that is perfect for you.

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Why Fuego Farms ?

Our mission is to provide a high quality and organic product for the Massachusetts recreational market. Becoming a dedicated Fuego Farms customer will directly support farmers and locally owned businesses while stressing the importance of a transparent industry.

The cannabis community will hold companies responsible demanding an accountable and sustainable market. In order to promote this type of cannabis space, we are operating with this open mindset across the board.

The cannabis industry can positively impact our surrounding communities giving back to groups like veterans, minorities and those adversely effected by the war on drugs. Fuego Farms plans to help lead the way as a part of the social equity program. Learn more about the social equity program and the Massachusetts cannabis industry at mass-cannabis-control.com.

Where to find us?

Fuego Farms will soon be found across Massachusetts at your favorite dispensaries. Coming 2020!

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“No-Till Organics, the way nature intended!”

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